Privacy policy

Privacy policy defines basic rules for collecting, storing and processing of personal information while browsing YFU.LT website. This privacy policy is designed to protect users’ private date from unauthorized use.

After reading this document you will learn how your private data is stored and what it is used for. If you continue browsing YFU.LT, you have read and agreed with this privacy policy. Our system is constantly renewed, new functions and services are added to it periodically, which means that this document is also renewed. If you have any questions, related to this privacy policy, please contact us at

All private data, collected on YFU.LT is managed by the association “Tarptautiniai moksleivių mainai”, company code 301830952, mailing address Gedimino pr. 21, LT-01103, Vilnius.

This privacy policy applies to all persons, visiting YFU.LT website (hereinafter – System), actions, which they may perform within the System, including (but not limited to) submission and receipt of private data, using search functions or reading the information provided (hereinafter – Services).

When using the Services, a person unconditionally agrees with this privacy policy, which sets targets and ways for collecting private data, storing it, etc. If a person disagrees with this privacy policy, he (she) does not have the right to use any of the System’s Services.

All provided personal data is stored and administered by YFU.LT. Personal data cannot be disclosed to any third parties without a clear and explicit consent of a person neither by the decision of YFU.LT nor by that of any third party, except as provided by the law of the Republic of Lithuania.

Any person has a right to visit the System without disclosing any personal information.

YFU.LT strongly recommends all parents and guardians to teach their children about the safe and responsible disposition of their private data on the Internet. People under the age of 18 should not disclose any personal data to the System without consent of their parents or guardians. YFU.LT will never disclose such data to any third party without a formal consent of a person.

In order to guarantee the best quality services, YFU.LT has the right to use any collected private data about a person in full and in any way, except when prohibited by the legislation of Lithuania.


Disclosure of private data                       

All persons, providing their personal data in the System understand, agree and invite YFU.LT to find such date and contact them.

YFU.LT processes contact information, disclosed in the System, manually and automatically. If a person disagrees with YFU.LT using his private data, a person has a right not to use the System and not to disclose his contact data.

In addition to collecting the data through the System, a person may be asked to disclose his personal data when communicating with YFU.LT by e-mail, mail or phone while applying for the services, when these services are being provided or after the acquisition of these services. In such case a person can be asked to give his consent for YFU.LT to use his private data, if such consent is required by law and a person has not given such consent yet.

The following personal data is collected and stored: name and surname, e-mail address, phone number or any other data, which a person agreed to willingly provide to YFU.LT.

YFU.LT monitors the traffic on the System and collects information about how many people visited the System, what is the name of a person’s IT services provider’s domain name, etc. Such information is collected automatically while visiting the System. It helps YFU.LT understand how people are using the System and provides opportunities to improve all services, provided by the System.

A person understands and agrees that YFU.LT collects personal data using Cookies and (or) web beacons.


Purposes for using private data

YFU.LT can use the collected private data for the following reasons:

In order to offer specialized Services and content marketing; with a person’s consent YFU.LT can send e-mail messages about their Services, which they believe might be interesting for a person.


Duration of storing private data

YFU.LT stores private data no longer than one year after a person refuses services, provided by YFU.LT, in writing or automatically.

All clauses of this privacy policy can be unilaterally changed or amended by YFU.LT. All such changes and amendments enter into force after they are published within the System. All registered users are also informed about such changes and amendments via e-mail. If a person continues using the System and (or) Services after these changes or amendments are published, it is considered that he agrees with all the changes or amendments.

All System visitors undertake to make sure that they are aware of the newest version of all clauses of the privacy policy.

Lithuanian legislation applies to this privacy policy. All disputes, related to any of the clauses of this privacy policy, will aim to be resolved via negotiations. If such negotiations fail, such disputes will aim to be resolved by the court of the Republic of Lithuania according to the registered address of the association “Tarptautiniai moksleivių mainai”. 

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