Study in Lithuania

“I know, Riga is the Capital!”, “It’s somewhere in Russia”, “Baltic States? Where is that state?”, “Yes, I hear internet is really good” – these are just some of the remarks people make when they hear about Lithuania for the first time. Do you want to know what’s real and what isn’t?

In fact, Lithuania is a country situate at the geographical centre of Europe. That’s right! On the shore of the Baltic sea, bordering Russia (the tiny Kaliningrad area), Poland, Belarus and Latvia, Lithuania proved to be in the very centre of Europe by a group of French scientists back in 1989!

Some other (fun) facts about Lithuania we bet you didn’t know:

  1. There really are 4 seasons in Lithuania! It can get as hot as above 30C in summer and as cold as below -30C in winter! Still planning to come over with these Converse shoes?
  2. Parts of Belarus, Latvia, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia and Ukraine were once a part of Lithuania! OK, we admit, that happened a long time ago… in the 15th century, when the Grand Duchy of Lithuania extended all the way from the Baltic to the Black sea.
  3. Internet in Lithuania is faster than the one in Denmark, Finland, Germany, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, the USA and many other countries. Can’t believe this? Average download and upload speed in our office is 50Mbps. What’s the Internet speed at your school?
  4. Lithuania is ranked as one of top 10 places for startups! With more than 200 startups, tech savvy people, growing interest from investors, different tech events and comparatively low costs of living that’s not hard to believe!
  5. In the summer instead of buying tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries, raspberries, potatoes, apples and other fruits and vegetables Lithuanians pick theirs in the gardens of their fathers or grandmothers. It’s more fun and things of course taste better! Besides, no evil “E” in grandmas garden!
  6. Lithuanian language is one of the 10 oldest languages in the world. In fact, the language of elves in famous “Lord of the Rings” is based on Lithuanian. Some people even say: “I speak Lithuanian. And what’s your super power?” If you are secretly dreaming of becoming a Superman, Lithuania is the right country for you!
  7. Basketball is our second religion. And often the first (especially during the Olympics, the FIBA World Cup or EuroBasket). Our most famous musicians create songs for basketball, the whole country cries when an important game is lost and cheers for every victory, and all (3 million!) people become basketball referees at all important games. The most dedicated fans even talked FIBA (in 2011, when EuroBasket was hosted in Lithuania) into allowing them to bring those huge drums to the court. Yes, we are basketball!
  8. When Lithuanians come home, the first thing they do is take their shoes off (and check their smartphone).
  9. Lithuania is one of the few countries where hot air balloons are allowed to fly over cities. So often if you glance out of the window in the evening (or early in the morning), you see many coloured dots in the sky!
  10. Most of the families cook at home and spend some quality time together at dinner. And Lithuanian food is delicious, especially if you like potatoes! And if you don’t like potatoes… well, there always is pink soup, herring, fried bread, meat and more! OK, back later, we suddenly got hungry J

In general, Lithuania is awesome. Come here and check it out yourself!

Lithuanians are open-minded people who are crazy about basketball!