Mission & Values


YFU advances intercultural understanding, mutual respect, and social responsibility through educational exchanges for youth, families, and communities.


Learning: For Life.
YFU seeks to instill passion for life‐long learning as a path to fulfill our mission. We encourage participants and alumni to use their skills and knowledge to thrive and to contribute wherever they are.

Volunteering: Engaged and Dedicated.
The volunteer spirit is embodied in the individuals and families who devote their energy, experience and empathy to ensure the well‐being of every YFU student. We believe individual learning and development flourishes in authentic relationships motivated solely by the ideals of YFU.

Caring: Personal and PeopleOriented.
YFU values the individuality of each and every participant, and we treat everyone with kindness, respect and dignity. Our volunteers and staff are focused on our students, families and communities: preparing, supporting, listening, guiding, challenging and understanding. We appreciate the many diverse motivations inspiring our participants.

Valuing Diversity: Inclusive and Fair.
We appreciate differences in people—natural or cultural, innate or learned, personal or formal, and we act accordingly, to contribute to a more peaceful world. We strive to engage a growing base of participants inclusive of that diversity.

Promoting Quality, Transparency, Sustainability.
YFU offers educational exchanges based on the highest standards of quality and transparency. In all policies and practices, YFU recognizes the responsibility to consider:· the well‐being of each individual involved with YFU· the economic stability of all partners in YFU· the best ecological options

Cooperating in International Solidarity.
YFU national organizations work together as a seamless network of interdependent partners, ever improving worldwide cooperation, mutual support and trust. YFU continuously develops as a growing community of non‐profit educational organizations.

This country gave me a family, a home, thousands of irreplaceable memories, a chance to live my life to the fullest and most...